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Professional Vehicle Wrapping Service
Colour change Vehicle Wraps are fantastic for those wanting a colour change but don't want to change the original colour for when it comes to selling, other benefits include protecting the original paintwork. We don't just offer colour changes, in fact we offer full colour print wrapping, which means you can really dazzle passersby with an amazing wrap, from corporate branding, to leopard print, everything is possible!
Colour Change Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrapping V.S Vehicle Decals

What's The Difference?

Vehicle Wrapping

Wrapping a vehicle is a much more involved process requiring patience and a high level of skill to make sure every curve and countour looks immaculate.

Vehicle wrapping also uses a higher quality material than regular decals called a cast vinyl which can be significantly more costly due to it’s flexible properties.

Unlike decals Vehicle Wrapping covers the entire paintwork both protecting it and giving it an incredible straight from the factory finish. Due to the amazing aesthetic of a vinyl wrap it’s ideal for businesses with vehicle fleets as it really draws the eye and creates brand awareness.

Vehicle Wrapping is more involved and there is more time spent both in intital planning, design & application

Vehicle Decals

This is the most common and least costly way of promoting your business through the use of vinyl stickers.

The process is much simpler than a vinyl wrap, after the design is made all the decals (logo, telephone numbers etc) are machine cut out of a vinyl and then applied to your vehicle.

Because vehicle decals do not need to wrap around sharp corners a more cost effective (but still as hard wearing!) vinyl is used making vehicle decals still very appealing but costing far less.

A fully liveried vehicle can often be turned around in under a week from design to application, with the application only taking a few hours.

RGPS Are Professional Vehicle Wrappers

We have been doing vehicle wrapping since 2006 and have fully trained and 3M qualified vehicle wrappers on site.

We only using high grade cast for our vehicle wraps so not only will your vehicle look incredible on completion, It will last!

If that still hasn’t swayed you into getting a vehicle wrap don’t worry we have just scratched the surface there are numerous real world benefits of wrapping your vehicle over spraying and as an alternative to stock paints.

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