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Perfect Portable Print
An exhibition system has to have two major characteristics, Portability and the ability to stand out in a crowd, and you guessed it our systems have both of those points covered! Our most popular product in this range is the pop up banner (sometimes called the roll up banner) It's compromised of a lightweight aluminium body with a large printed banner hidden away inside, simply pull the top and your print is revealed and it comes with a handy carrying case. It's the most popular choice for a reason. If a popup banner or two just isn't enough to satisfy your exhibition desires and you need something a little bit bigger there's curved popup backdrops! Unlike regular popup banners these systems are designed to take up the whole backdrop, framing your entire stand, very worthwhile if your there to impress (which we imagine you will be). We offer a huge range of products perfect for exhibitions that are not listed here, including poster snap frames, wall art signage, leaflets and brochures, the list is huge, and may not be applicable for every customer, that's why we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your exact requirements and budget and we will create an entire package that gives you everything you need!
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