New Website – Hawkstone Falconry

by Joe Costandi

Web design for all creatures great & feathery!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of our latest website Hawkstone Falconry.

We were originally approached by Hawkstone falconry to come up with an identity for their company that represented their business goals and encompassed their values.

Val of Hawkstone Falconry has worked with Birds of prey for most of her life so it’s not just a business to her it’s a passion a hobby and a job. Seeing this passion encouraged us to create a beautiful illustrated style branding that has a refined appearance perfectly suitable for a premium business!

As this venture had come from a passion project there was limited budget, but using our Starter Website package we were able to make a fully mobile responsive website including branding within the budget.


We have recently heard from Hawkstone Falconry and their business is booming and more successful than they could have hoped it would be! They are currently running educational programs for schools as well as being often fully booked with hands on experiences with their birds of prey.

We always love to hear good news stories, and we love it even more when we can be part of the Journey!


You can visit Hawkstone falconry at



Fun Fact

Not only do Hawkstone Falconry provide education and entertainment, they also help with the conservation efforts of Birds of Prey!

Hawkstone Falconry Logo
Hawkstone Falconry Logo
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